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Tesla deverá lançar carro por 25 mil dólares e sem volante (em 2023)

Tesla is expected to release a car for $25,000 and no steering wheel (in 2023)

Tesla is the largest reference in the electric vehicle sector. It’s true that car prices aren’t exactly cheap, but they’ve been dropping over the years (at least there are cheaper models).

The American company intends to launch a car for 25 thousand dollars without a steering wheel.

Elon Musk will have already informed workers about the new Tesla

The news isn't entirely new, as Pplware reported this in February It's confirmed That Tesla will release a car for $25,000 (about 21,000 euros) and that it will be made in China. The confirmation came from Tesla China president Tom Zhu.

According to recent information, Elon Musk has already indicated to some of its workers that this would be a great goal for 2023. The fact that it is a "low-cost" car soon poses some challenges, but Elon Musk wants to go further. According to the information, the car can reach even without a steering wheel, that is To be a fully autonomous car.

This must be the car It was produced at Gigafactory Shanghai in China, but should be available in markets around the world.

It should be noted that Tesla has invested heavily in China in terms of production, but also in the sales market.

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