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Tesla Full Self Driving carros elétricos preço Elon Musk

Tesla is raising the price of fully autonomous driving and it shouldn’t stop here

In addition to changing the electric car landscape and the way the market accepts it, Tesla has tried to work in other areas. We are talking about fully autonomous driving, which wants to give drivers real autonomy.

This system is an additional feature that the brand is preparing to provide to drivers quickly. Tesla will sell this feature and now Elon Musk has come to bring the bad news. The price of fully autonomous driving will become more expensive and may even rise again.

Tesla adjusts its price again

Tesla's business model tends to adapt to the needs of the market and the company is able to offer it to its customers. As a result, prices for electric cars and their add-ons are adjusted almost dynamically and without a specific basis.

As a result, there is a novelty that most potential customers will not like. The price of Full Self Driving has changed again, adjusting to what the brand understands as its value. This will likely not be the last price adjustment.

Fully autonomous driving will become more expensive

Whoever came to announce this news in the market was the Tesla strongman, using Twitter, his favorite social network. Elon Musk revealed in his account that the price will be adjusted and will now cost $12,000. This new price will go into effect on the 17th day.

When asked about this price adjustment and its application to other models, Elon Musk responded directly. The issue focused on leasing rather than buying "full autonomous driving", and it was revealed that this should be modified soon.

Elon Musk shares more about electric cars

In the case of Full Self Driving's monthly rental, Elon Musk did not reveal the new price, but said it would change. The Tesla strongman noted that only when the size of the FDS is increased will the new price be revealed.

For now, as Elon Musk revealed, this price increase will only apply in the US. Not yet fully released in other markets, it is only natural that the focus and price of fully autonomous driving will only adjust to the market where Tesla has more freedom.

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