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Tesla Model S Plaid covers 400 meters in just 9,247 seconds

Tesla Model S Plaid covers 400 meters in just 9,247 seconds

The new Tesla Model S Plaid recently set a new world record. The electric car of the American company Tesla managed, in just 9,247 seconds, to complete a quarter-mile circuit (about 402 meters) in California.

with this result Tesla Model S Blade It beats the powerful Bugatti Chiron Sport, which was in first place in the standings, with a time of 9.4 seconds.


Another record for Tesla...

Former talk show host Jay Leno has been testing the new Tesla Model S Plaid. In a circuit of about 400 meters, Leno reached a record in c.To be able to complete the course in just 9,247 seconds. This result puts the Tesla Model S Plaid at the top of the list of the fastest vehicles to make this road.

Shipping of this vehicle will begin on June 10 as Elon Musk revealed.

according to Wikipedia, were the 10 fastest vehicles to complete the California circuit...

Hey Tesla Model S Plaid Announced September 2020 On 830 km of autonomy And able to achieve Maximum speed 320 km/h.

This is a more performance variant of the Model S and comes with 1020 cv. This car features a three-cylinder engine, four-wheel drive and a larger battery that is supposed to be used for more distance. Data announced by Tesla gives an account of a car that starts from 0 to 100 km/k in less than 2.1 seconds.

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