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Tesla will also switch from Intel to AMD

Tesla will also switch from Intel to AMD

AMD has grown amazingly since it launched its first Ryzen processors in the now distant year 2017, and that’s nothing new for anyone. But toppling Intel in multiple markets? This would be a task that many of you would say would be nearly impossible.

Well, it seems that even in the automotive world, AMD is doing well, at the same time “cheating” the old rival Intel. Finally, after an initial agreement between Tesla and AMD, to develop and produce SoCs, the information that Tesla is satisfied with the products and, as such, is now ready to change chips from Intel, is now coming with new SoCs from AMD.

Tesla will also switch from Intel to AMD

So, more specifically, we are talking about the Tesla Model Y, which so far uses Intel chips, but in the near future will use AMD CPUs. Well… that’s not quite right, as at Computex this year, Tesla already introduced new Model S and Model X models with Ryzen APUs, that is, a chip that includes both a CPU and a GPU (CPU Zen 2/3 + GPU RDNA 2) ).

Interestingly enough, the Model 3 is now the only car from the North American manufacturer that doesn’t use AMD hardware.

In case you didn’t know, AMD is already Tesla’s third choice, having already worked with NVIDIA and Intel. After all, NVIDIA equipped the first models produced by the car manufacturer, and they were later replaced by Intel, which came out with Atom processors. Now, it appears Tesla’s goal is to bring AMD hardware into all of its four-wheeled vehicles.

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Why the change?

While it’s perfectly legitimate to switch from Intel to AMD, there are some questions up in the air. After all, AMD relies almost entirely on TSMC and its 7nm lines for its production. And, as you know, production takes place in the streets of bitterness. Unlike AMD, Intel has its own lines, so it has more control over what goes out and sends to partners.

However, it seems that Tesla decided to take the risk, betting on performance and energy efficiency. Ultimately, the AMD APUs used in these cars have enough power to run The Witcher 3 or Cyberpunk 2077, delivering power very similar to that of the PS5.

Besides, what do you think of all this? Is it a good exchange? Please share your opinion with us in the comments below.