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Tesla vai recolher 285 mil carros por risco de colisão

Tesla will recall 285,000 cars to combat crash risks

It wasn’t long ago that giant Tesla announced that it was recalling its Model 3 and Model Y cars due to safety concerns.

This time, the information is that the electric car company will collect 285,000 vehicles upon detection of a collision risk in self-driving vehicles.

Tesla cars have a driver assistance program problem

Electric car company Tesla will recall more than 285,000 self-driving cars from the Chinese market after an investigation found driver assistance software could cause a collision.

According to Agence France-Presse (AFP), the Chinese government announced last Friday that Tesla indicated that the warning concerns some models 3 and Y, imported or manufactured in China, so it will enter into contact with the affected owners and replace the car. Free new version.

As it was revealed, these are the latest problems with innovative self-driving cars under investigation by the Chinese authorities, after several fatal accidents in recent months.

Tesla will recall 285,000 cars to combat crash risks

“Due to problems with the cruise control system (...), the driver can easily start it by mistake,” the authorities noted in their report, which “may cause a sudden increase in speed and, in extreme cases, cause a collision.” .

This topic on social networks has generated thousands of comments. The car manufacturer was questioned by the owners about quality and service problems. The announcement of the auto recall on Friday caused a nearly 8% drop in Tesla shares in the United States.

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