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Tesla’s autopilot is under investigation again. This time because “3 people were killed”

Tesla does not have a rest, and what it guarantees drivers and what distinguishes it from most manufacturers seems to be constantly erring. An example is Autopilot which is under investigation again.

This time, due to an accident that killed three people.

to me The Wall Street Journal, Tesla's autopilot is under investigation again, as a Model S crash that killed three people recently. It is being conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), which said it is investigating more than 30 incidents involving this feature provided by maker Elon Musk.

The aforementioned incident, according to the Orange County Register, on May 12 at the Mariners Mile in Newport Beach. The same source adds that the tram will hit a barrier and collide with construction equipment. This collision resulted in the death of three passengers.

In addition to the three deaths, the Tesla Model S also injured three construction workers, who were sent to hospital with minor injuries. Although the police have not announced the autopilot's involvement in Tesla, the NHTSA is known to be investigating the incident.

This isn't the first time Tesla has seen autopilot under investigation. Indeed, In August last yearthe NHTSA said it will investigate jobs after 11 parked car accidents, which have occurred since 2018 and have resulted in 17 injuries and one death.

Despite ongoing investigations, the NHTSA has been criticized by the National Transportation Safety Board for failing to ensure that auto manufacturers include adequate safety features in vehicles that provide Level 2 autonomy. After all, although the systems, despite their development, still do not do without the driver's attention.

In the case of Tesla, the manufacturer is alerting its customers to the need to stay focused on the road with their hands on the wheel.

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