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Tesla’s Cybertruck cruised the streets of New York

Tesla’s Cybertruck has yet to be launched, but has been gradually introduced. In fact, it was already a challenge One of the most famous races in the world, but also the most difficult. After he’s spotted in Gigafactory in Texas, it’s New York’s turn to pick it up.

The apparition took place on Saturday, just hours before Elon Musk performed on Saturday Night Live.

An electronic truck is spotted on the streets of New York

This was not the first time Tesla spotted Cybertruck Around. Although it is still a prototype and has yet to be launched, the car is already appearing on the streets, perhaps to spark the curiosity of enthusiasts and others.

This time, the flight took place through the streets of New York, hours before Elon Musk made his Saturday Night Live debut. Tesla posted a short video showing a prototype of the pickup truck driving near the Radio City Music Hall in Manhattan.

In addition to Tesla, people also began making leaflets, showing that they had crossed paths with Cybertruck.

Electronic truck

The market may be received at the end of 2021

Tesla revealed Electronic truck, In November 2019. At that time, he described it as a sport utility vehicle. Since that time it has become possible to pre-order, with more than 650,000 people guaranteeing you.

For now, the information found indicates that the pickup truck will be produced at the plant in Austin, which is still under construction. Although uncertain, the goal is to bring it to market by the end of this year.

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