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Model 3 da Tesla

Tesla’s Model 3 upgraded its range to 614 kilometers

As one of the critical points, at present, for electric cars, long autonomy may be an asset in launching new models or in improving already existing ones. In this sense, Tesla has updated the autonomy of one of the Tesla Model 3 models.

If before that the model was 580 km, now the range has increased to 614 km.

More autonomy in one of the 3-Series models

Tesla updates your vehicle's autonomy Model 3 dual drive long range, in Europe. So far, the model in the WLTP has withstood 580 km without the need for recharging, however, this figure has increased to 614 km WLTP.

Remember that in the past it was the only model in the range Model 3 Capable of exceeding 600 km of the WLTP is a discontinued long-range RWD engine.

In contrast, the Standard Range Plus RWD and Long Range Dual Motor Performance models did not change their range (448 km WLTP and 567 km WLTP, respectively).

Model 3

Tesla 3 as a new original

This autonomy update will allow Tesla to outpace its direct competitor the BMW i4. This was recently introduced with an autonomy of 590 km from WLTP.

In light of the various recent improvements in Model 3 - 82 kWh batteries, modifications to the power system management software, among others - it would not be surprising if the long-range RWD version was capable of 650 km of WLTP.

However, Tesla has prioritized sales of its more profitable dual-engine, long-range model, and the Long Range RWD is unlikely.

However, the 614 km range of the WTLP is a huge advantage that Tesla has linked to one of its electric vehicles. In Portugal, the Tesla Long Range Dual Motor model is available at a price of 57,990 euros.

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