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Android Auto Google beta programa

Testing new versions of Android Auto? The beta program is open to all

Android Auto showed how this system could integrate with the car and the infotainment systems out there. With a simple cable or wireless connection, we can get more than just a smartphone screen mirror.

Even with some big problems, Google is not slowing down its developments to find a better solution. Now, the research giant has decided to open up its testing program further and everyone can now test beta versions of Android Auto. Very simple process.

Google was one of the companies that earlier bet on giving users the ability to test new versions of their apps and services. With dedicated beta software, it guarantees thorough testing. The last thing that extended this program was Android Auto.

As a beta tester, you can help us build an optimized version of Android Auto. You can test the performance of new features on a specific mobile phone and vehicle in your part of the world. When we share your feedback, we'll use it to help plan to improve future versions.

With Describe Which illustrates the basic idea of ​​this expansion, Google clearly shows that it needs its users. They will be able to have early access to all the news while they are being evaluated.

Android Auto Google Beta Program

Thus, whoever wants to access these copies, officially, only needs يحتاج Access to the registration page. Here, you must accept the terms and indicate that you wish to join the Android Auto Test Program.

After this registration, the user will receive an update that arrives automatically and with all the news released in the future, and when there is a new beta version, it will be offered to those users so that they can test it beforehand.

Android Auto Google Beta Program

Of course, at any time, users can leave the program and access stable versions. It is believed that Google will open this software more widely to avoid the problems it had a year ago with this system and the arrival of Android 11.

This is great news for anyone looking to get into the Android Auto beta program. As with all similar programs from Google, access to new versions is guaranteed in advance, showing all the news for testing.

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