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Tetra Pak introduces new sustainable solutions to the sector

Tetra Pak introduces new sustainable solutions to the sector

Today, in addition to World Children’s Day, World Milk Day is celebrated. History was established in 2001 by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and its main goal is to promote the importance of milk as a global food.

To celebrate this day, Tetra Pak decided to introduce its new range of heat treatment (UHT 2.0) solutions and new type of Tetra Pak packaging. ® E3 / Hyper Speed.

These solutions deliver benefits to the dairy sector in terms of sustainability, as well as a commitment to innovation with the goal of reducing environmental impact. First, it allows to reduce the consumption of water and steam during food processing and packaging, and at the same time, to produce less wastewater. In turn, the Tetra Pak water purification plant was installed, as a supplement to the Tetra Pak unit® E3 / Speed ​​Hyper helps producers to recover up to 5,500 liters of water per hour from the operation of the filling machine (up to 95%), which also contributes to reducing water consumption.

The combination of a UHT 2.0 solution with OneStep Technology and Tetra Pak® E3 / Speed ​​Hyper results in a high industry benchmark score for sustainability, i.e. a score of 0.8 on the Greenhouse Gas Index (GHG), a score of 0.3 on the Water Index, a score of 0.7 On losing products. Compared with the traditional solution, this integrated solution reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 20%, water use by 70% and product losses by 30%.

Fredrik Willendorf, Vice President of Liquid Food at Tetra Pak, says: “With this holistic approach to sustainability, our goal is to help our customers with our equipment and our packaging with low carbon emissions, thanks to the reduced operational costs involved, to provide an enhanced brand image, and as a result. , It is attractive to consumers who are increasingly aware of the importance of sustainability. ”

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