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"Thanks to the kids and Vanessa!"  : In a mesmerizing manner at the ceremony at Johnny Depp Dew

“Thanks to the kids and Vanessa!” : In a mesmerizing manner at the ceremony at Johnny Depp Dew

Superstar – A special guest at the 47th Dew Festival, Johnny Depp raised the temperature on stage this Sunday. At the risk of his career in Hollywood, the actor maintained a popular reputation rating on this page of the Atlantic. He loved it between the signing sessions he had during his meeting with his fans and his beliefs about his career.

He does not live in the same time zone as the average person, judging by his continuous delays during his stay in Deauville. But is Johnny Depp a man like everyone else? Filling ubiquitous on screens since the late 1980s, the American actor has nurtured the collective imagination of many generations, with his general image merging with his celluloid characters.

If Hollywood turns against him today, following his personal setbacks, his French fans will obviously not forget. Throughout the weekend, they unfortunately stood in front of his hotel to see him or to attend a public meeting Sold out For several days. Jacket and hat, sunglasses, cigarettes and ripped jeans, the now 58-year-old actor described his life with a lot of humor and punchline taste.

His early interest in guitar made him “Forget puberty“TV Producers Who Saw Him”New James Dean“, His interest in silent cinema and his proper understanding with Tim Burton”CourageTo impose it on the titleEdward with silver hands Liked by Tom Cruise and Michael Jackson … Johnny Depp multiplies legends and never hesitates to ride some well-felt bikes.

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Fans are the real people who go to see the movie and pay their ticket. They are my bosses. They are also the owners of the studios. It’s time for them to understand that– Johnny Depp

Television is the devil for me“, He explains, referring to the series 21 Jump Street This made him a teen icon in the late 1980s. “This is a super controlled and repetitive thing. Fox tried to turn me into a kind of product that I did not have (…) So for two years, I tried everything to get fired. One day, I stuck tape on my tongue. I explained that this was a creative choice because my character had a speech impediment. I was like an idiot, they still hold me. “

If he had chained the utensils of worship from his first main character Crying baby He has been a true box office champion since 2003 with John Waters’ Pirates of the Caribbean in 1990. At the time, Disney’s management was not happy with Jack Sparrow’s first attempt at a role. His uncertain style for his equally impossible discourse.

Producer Nina Jacobs called me and said, ‘What’s wrong with this character? Is he crazy? Is he drunk? Is he gay? I was sure I would be fired, so come on, didn’t you notice that all of my characters are gay? When they finally put me to the test, people liked it. “

The film “Kidnapped” for three years

At the turn of the question about his career choices, Johnny Depp recalled that there is nothing without his audience and that he hates this word.Fans“.”These are the real people who go to the movies to pay the ticket with the hard earned money.“, He recalled, provoking the applause of those in the room.”They are my bosses. They are also the owners of the studios. It’s time for studios to understand that“After bringing in millions of dollars, he is now being ignored by the majors,” he said.

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Later in the evening, the actor would come on stage and put on a layer. City of lies, Brad Furman’s thriller ended in 2017 and was not released in many countries due to its star’s bad name. “The film was hijacked for three years“, He begins in Moliere’s language about this thriller, where he plays Rasser Poole, a detective who has been investigating the murder of rapper Notorious Big for more than 20 years.”There are people in Hollywood, and the film is dead because of them, “he continues.” This film also seems to be the story of corruption and unfortunately crime.. “

At a time when his film career is at a standstill, it is difficult to say what the future holds for Johnny Depp. He will find Amber Heard in court next spring, especially since he did not end up with justice. After losing the defamation case against The sun In London, his ex-wife sued following a passage he had published Washington Post In it he describes himself as a victim of domestic violence. Facts that the actor constantly denies.

Can he find anything that holds a property in Provence in Europe, and especially in France? “What I like about you is the people, the culture. A celebration every day. I found it in France. Then I saw Vanessa and my kids there, so thank you for that, He finished with a little nostalgia and made the audience roar with joy as he waited for a while. Are we a star or not?

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