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“That picture could have created a lot of bullshit.”

“That picture could have created a lot of bullshit.”

Margarida Corcero The magazine considered him the most influential person on Instagram in Portugal Forbesin 2023.

The young star actress The first digital cover of Forbes In 2024 This was reflected in media coverage, noting that “Creating some defense mechanisms that allow me to distance myself from the criticism, scrutiny, rumors, and completely fake news that comes out of me every day“.

Joao Felix's ex-girlfriend remembered “An event that left a lasting impression on me is Event A photographer Who photographed me outside my house. It was a girl, she was in school, and that picture would have raised a lot of crap“.

If it is already dangerous for someone with no public recognition to reveal where they live, imagine for someone with a “public” profession. I had my house in magazines. I was very upset at the time, especially since the house was not just mine, and I felt that it was a line that means could not cross, but today I will deal with the situation differently, and by coincidence, I no longer live in that place. The house.“, he added.

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