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The 11 best games to buy in the Epic Store Sale

The 11 best games to buy in the Epic Store Sale

The Epic Games Store’s end-of-year promotion began this week on the 13th It continues until January 10 With great offers on various games in the store. Accumulation with 33% discount couponThis is a good time to get some good deals on buying PC games.

According to Epic Games, there are more than 2000 discounted games. Moreover, the store already offered Cash back 5% bonus will be offered on purchases 10% During the promotion period. You can apply this cash back credit to other Epic Games Store purchases.

Discount coupon

The offers and cashbacks certainly attract the attention of many, but what gives you the biggest chance of getting great deals on PC games is the 33% coupon. This coupon is automatically applied to the shopping cart with a value starting from R $ 64.99.

The coupon is applied to the shopping cart source: Legendary Games Store

Even if you’re just looking for simpler and cheaper games, you can do it Collect several of them in your cart and use the coupon. Or you can buy one or a few expensive games and use the coupon in the same way.

After making the transaction, you still have the right to use the same coupon again if you want.

This discount coupon also offers the possibility of saving big on the latest launches Not for sale yet. Avatar: Pandora’s Frontiers, for example, which runs at its full price of R$299.99, can be purchased for R$200.99.

Avatar with couponAvatar with couponsource: Legendary Games Store

11 of the best deals on the Epic Games Store

  • Alan Wake 2 For R$180 (or R$120.6 with coupon)
  • Assassin’s Creed Mirage For R$ 146.99 (or R$ 98.48 with voucher)
  • Hogwarts Legacy For R$ 149.99 (or R$ 104.99 with voucher)
  • Alan Wake remastered For 18.80 Brazilian reals
  • God of War For R$ 99.95 (or R$ 69.96 with voucher)
  • Kingdom Hearts 3 + DLC For 99.98 (or R $ 69.63 with coupon)
  • Assassin’s Creed Odyssey For 35.99 Brazilian reals
  • Assassin’s Creed Valhalla For 49.99 Brazilian reals
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 For R$ 98.96 (or R$ 69.27 with voucher)
  • Lords of the Fallen For R$ 161.85 (or 108.43 with voucher)
  • Premium version of GTA V For 41.21 Brazilian reals
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All these offers expire on January 10, 2024 and are available on location Or in the Epic Games Store app.