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The 16-year-old who got the world talking about darts

The 16-year-old who got the world talking about darts

Luke Littler has been in the spotlight. At the age of 16, and with unusual features for an athlete, the young Briton surprised everyone and everything when he became runner-up in the World Darts Champion, delivering a record-breaking run to television audiences and making the country (and the world) root for his successes. .who celebrates kebab.

Luke Littler. Fix this name. The 16-year-old – who turns 17 on the 21st – is one of the stars of global sport. So it is possible to show how a completely unknown person can rise to stardom in just a few days.

Littler, who was born in the English industrial city of Runcorn, made the front pages when he began climbing the stages at the World Darts Championships held in London.

Up until the event, Littler had only four fights at the senior level. In fact, as he himself admitted, his aim began to improve in bars. That's why, when the World Cup started, no one remembered who was only 164th in the world. The problem for his opponents, of course, is that Littler began eliminating several eventual favorites one by one. Brendan Dolan, Rob Cross or Raymond van Barneveld all fell to Luke Littler.

In the final, the young teenager faced compatriot Luke Humphreys who admitted it was strange to have the crowd cheering for his opponent for the first time and in his country. The two athletes were competing for a prize worth about half a million euros. The veteran won and Littler had to settle for €23,000. Not bad for a 16 year old boy.

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