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The 2021 iPhones are said to have portrait mode for video

The 2021 iPhones are said to have portrait mode for video

Apple’s upcoming iPhones, likely called the iPhone 13 lineup, will be able to automatically blur background shots as part of a new video portrait mode, according to Apple. New report from Bloomberg. This cinematic video feature is one of the three best new camera features coming to iPhones this year. The other two support ProRes video recording and new photo editing options.

The improvements join another camera update that should be on the way to phones this year. Last November, trusted Apple analyst Min-Chi Kuo said about the phones Ultra-fast cameras will be improvedWith a larger aperture for better shooting in low light.

ProRes support will be especially useful for video editors, giving them more control over footage once it’s already taken. Its rumored arrival came after ProRAW support was added to Apple’s iPhone lineup last year, allowing for more flexibility when editing photos. When it comes to pictures, Bloomberg Reports indicate that this year’s iPhones will feature a new Style Filters editing feature that will allow users to choose a style to apply to their photos. Unlike a filter, the new feature will apply changes to specific elements within images, rather than applying them evenly across the entire image.

Bloomberg It repeats some previous reports on this year’s devices. He says the phones may have faster refresh rates, echoing an earlier rumor that Pro models may have this year. 120 Hz LTPO . screens. All iPhone 13 models could have smaller screen notches in addition to boosting traditional processing power with a new A15 chip. However, Bloomberg He says this year’s updates will be “modest” and there will be the same variety of models and screen sizes we saw last year.

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The report does not say when the new iPhones will be announced, but Apple tends to announce its flagship phones in September each year (the exception was last year, when it was announced in October due to the pandemic). Other new Apple products that should be on the way include the new Apple Silicon-equipped MacBook Pro, Apple Watch, AirPods and iPads.