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The 20th National Science and Technology Week concludes with awards from the Apps and Games Festival

The 20th National Science and Technology Week concludes with awards from the Apps and Games Festival

The 20th National Science and Technology Week (SNCT) concluded on Saturday (25) at the Espaço Cultural Center José Linz do Rigo in Tampauzinho. It was a historic event that celebrated knowledge, innovation and the importance of science and technology for Brazilian society. SNCT was an event promoted by the João Pessoa City Council, through the Ministry of Science and Technology (Secitec), in partnership with the state government.

The closing ceremony included the educational community, authorities, and education and technology enthusiasts. Diego Tavares, Secretary of the Administration of the Government of João Pessoa, represented Mayor Cicero Lucena at the Application Festival Awards Ceremony for the program “Codificar para Desenvolvimento (Code) – Jovens para ofuture”, an initiative of the Ministry of Education and Culture (Sedec) supported by Secitec and in partnership with Funetec. “The mayor’s vision is to transform Joao Pessoa into great technological potential and thus transform our city,” commented Diego Tavares.

The Municipal Education Secretary, America Castro, congratulated all the participants and commented that the next step is to place the students in training courses and then enter the labor market so that they can develop further. “Some students have already stopped me to ask Professor Guido, ‘When are we going to take them to the market?’” the teacher said jokingly, and the young people applauded him.

The idea of ​​the departments is to work together so that there are more programmers in our state and in the municipality, said Paraíba Minister of Science, Technology, Innovation and Higher Education, Claudio Furtado. “All the social actors in this initiative are gathered here to discuss what is innovative in the region. This is one of the steps towards the development of science,” he noted.

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During the official conclusion, the final electronic games match was held, and certificates and prizes worth 5,000 Brazilian riyals were distributed to the first three places in the Code Applications Festival. The team that took first place was Colect Fruits, from Escola Fenelon Câmara, with an app of the same name as the team. Student Yas Pereira Marquez commented that everything was wonderful, and that she did not imagine that programming would be so wonderful.

Second place was taken by the “Cat” team, from Escola Municipal Índio Piragibe, in Mangabeira, with the “Adote-me” application. Student Laura Andrade explained that the application was created with the aim of saving abandoned cats. “I am so proud and grateful to everyone who helped me, my family, my friends, my teachers. Thank you so much everyone,” said an emotional Laura.

Third place went to the Rebeca team from the ADHDelper app, from Escola Cívico Militar Chico Xavier, which is programmed with the aim of helping people with disabilities. Rebecca Fantini, one of the team’s students, said she felt proud of getting third place. “It is important for students to learn, and to be able to grow, learn to code and work in this field in the future,” said Rebecca, who has had great support from friends and family.

The Code App Festival initially had 225 registered teams. Soon, more than 100 were selected, of which three were chosen by popular electronic vote.