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The 29th edition of Ciência Jovem starts on Wednesday (22)

The 29th edition of Ciência Jovem starts on Wednesday (22)

Young Science is promoted through the Interactive Museum Espaço Ciência, one of the main science fairs in Brazil

For the first time in its history, the Young Science Conference will be held in a school. The twenty-ninth session of the exhibition will be held this year from November 22 to 24 in Professor Agamon Magalhaes State Technical School (ETEPAM), in the Encruzilhada neighborhood, Recife. Check the detailed schedule.

About 260 national and international projects will be showcased at the event, which brings together work developed by students from early childhood education to high school/technical education.

The event is held by Espaço Ciência, a museum linked to the Secretariat of Science, Technology and Innovation of Pernambuco (Secti/PE), and involves students from 17 states in Brazil and countries such as Mexico, Paraguay, Spain and Porto. Rico (USA). Participants in the exhibition will be able to enjoy cultural performances, in addition to visiting Northeastern Man Museum And tour in Olinda Historic Site (Upon pre-registration at the time of accreditation).

Among the participants, Pernambuco leads with 191 participating projects, followed by Alagoas, Bahia, Ceará and Amapa. In the international category, the exhibition includes projects from Spain, Mexico, Paraguay and Puerto Rico (USA).

The event includes prizes to be awarded in six different categories: Research Initiation, Scientific Publication, Research Incentives, Technological Development, Scientific Education and Francis Dupuy (International Projects).

In addition to the award, projects with the highest scores receive credentials and can participate in other national and international events.

The coordinator of the twenty-ninth session of the International Criminal Court, Vittoria Pessoa, highlighted the importance of this event in spreading scientific knowledge. “The goal of Young Science, in addition to serving as an environment that fosters scientific initiatives, is to make science more accessible to society, promote the democracy of knowledge and stimulate interest in scientific research and discoveries.”

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Ciência Jovem is one of the main science fairs in Brazil and provides the opportunity for students and schools to disseminate scientific production developed at the institutions. The goal is not only to uncover individual scientific talents, but above all to promote scientific education, conduct research and projects at school – and integrate them into the academic curriculum. For more information: (81) 3183-5531 or [email protected]

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