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The accident in Sweden: – Flightradar24:

On Thursday evening, a plane with nine people on board crashed at Orebro Airport in Sweden.

Eight paratroopers and a pilot were killed in the accident.

The cause of the accident is still uncertain. It’s Swedish reports Aftonbladet Friday.

Dagbladet has been in contact with Flightradar24, to obtain information about the plane that crashed.

The aircraft must be a Havilland DHC-2 Beaver.

The type of aircraft that crashed was a single-engine turboprop ship converted from a piston engine to a turbine. This usually provides more performance and reliability. Thomas Hyten, aviation operations inspector and chief of general aviation for the Civil Aviation Authority, explains this to Dagbladet.

– He went too fast

Flight accident: A plane with nine people on board crashed Thursday evening near Örebro Airport, Sweden, and police confirm that several people have died. Video: Marcus Peterson
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On Flytradar 24 On either side, the aircraft in question appears to have been in the air 11 times earlier that same day. This was confirmed by Mikael Robertson on Flightradar24 to Dagbladet.

An error has occurred on the twelfth flight. Robertson says they have not received enough data about the plane to be posted on their pages.

“However, we recovered nine points with data from the aircraft,” Robertson says.

Flightradar24 managed to acquire six aircraft positions in a two-minute period. Robertson can tell that the plane was heading slightly south and was turning left as it landed.

The plane lost speed about five or six times faster than it should be, says Robertson and adds:

– He went too fast. It took about three seconds from the moment she stopped climbing in meters until she hit the ground.

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It started burning

big pressure: At a press conference, the rescue crew said there was no life to save when they reached the wreck. Nine people lost their lives in the plane crash near Örebro. Video: Exsprssen Tv.
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Emergency services were notified of the incident in Örebro on Thursday at 19.23.

Naval rescue chief Emil Gustafson stated that the plane started burning after the crash. The fire was put out by the airport rescue service.

According to Expressen, all people were inside the plane when it caught fire.


The Norwegian Accident Investigation Board in Sweden is currently investigating the incident. They hope to find answers in the plane’s memory card, but fear that it may have been destroyed in the fire that occurred when the plane crashed.

It’s Swedish reports Aftonbladet.

The head of the Accident Investigation Board, Peter Soaver, told Aftonbladet that the plane had not gone up much before landing on the left side of the runway.

Avisa wrote that during Friday there will be drone flights over the area, as well as collecting tracks and interviews with people involved.