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The actress sells her breasts

The actress sells her breasts

Recently, actress Daniela Westbrook (49 years old) underwent a number of operations and interventions in Turkey.

Westbrook has previously been open about ruining her face after using drugs excessively. Now she seems to be doing everything to save him.

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Among other things, the actor is said to have undergone a facelift, as well as liposuction of the cheeks and lips. Recently, the 49-year-old flew to Turkey for his eighth breast implants, he reported subway.

– I had my implants removed and I’m selling them on OnlyFans for only 40,000 EGP (about NOK 530,000 from the editor). It’s very exciting, she told the site.

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Westbrook has spoken on several occasions about how drug addiction ruined his face and acting career.


Cocaine use has been widely documented in the British tabloid press.

Luxury villa replaced

Luxury villa replaced

During a previous appearance on “The Jeremy Kyle Show,” the 45-year-old admitted, among other things, that she “would have snorted cocaine eleven times a day,” if money stretched.

Cocaine use has outgrown Westbrook’s facial structure.

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Among other things, the nasal septum had eroded, and the skeleton in her face had partially collapsed.

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