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The Ágata app changes its appearance and surprises fans: "What do you think?"

The Ágata app changes its appearance and surprises fans: “What do you think?”

the singer Agate I decided that with the force coming into the fall, this would be the perfect time for visual change🇧🇷 This Wednesday, November 9, the artist surprised her followers, after she showed, via Instagram, her new photo.

🇧🇷I cut my hair. what do you think?The 62-year-old singer wondered. Agatha stayed blonde, said goodbye to her long hair, and showed it off with a more traditional cut. In the comments box, the opinions of his fans were divided.

Instagram clone, dr.

Although the vast majority of her followers liked and agreed to the look change, there were those who couldn’t resist commenting that they liked the way the artist presented herself better.

🇧🇷I love the cut. I don’t like this hairstyle…looks better with your hair backOne Internet user said. 🇧🇷Honesty above all, I think Agata seems more mature. I’m still pretty, but we’re used to seeing her with long hair, that’s itDefend someone else.

🇧🇷It looks beautiful with every breath! Radical change. It grows quickly and changes. It’s beautiful, it’s beautiful anyway‘, in defense of another user of the same social network.

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