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Android alarme Google relógio problema

The alarm didn’t ring? The problem will be the Android Clock app

With a constant presence, the Android or iOS smartphone is a tool that we have adapted for use in our daily life. They take a primary role and are responsible for the tasks that the user delegates and they don’t want them to be remembered or responsible for.

One such function is even an alarm clock, with apps made for that purpose. Google itself has this functionality in the Clock app, but it’s having issues now. Complaints are growing and reports show that the smartphone’s alarm simply doesn’t ring.

Problems in Android apps are not normal, especially the ones that are the responsibility of Google. Of course there is, but the search giant tends to deal with it very quickly and affect the fewest number of users.

This is exactly the opposite of what happens with the Clock app and its alarm function. Internet is growing mired in complaints Who reported that the alarm of this app simply does not ring, which causes serious problems for users.

This issue also seems to prompt users to give a rating of 1 on the Play Store and send very negative reviews. The reasons for its existence are not yet known, with users pointing the finger at Spotify and others betting on Android Don't Bother mode.

Some users who reported the problem described the alert as failed, then displayed the same message. Others described that the smartphone still vibrates, but for a few seconds, after which the alarm turns off automatically.

There are also many solutions, but none of them seem to gather a general consensus and are guaranteed to eliminate the problem. It still has to wait for a solution from Google for its Android app, so that the problem can be eradicated permanently.

Since this issue should come with one of the recent updates, Google should solve it in the same way. The fix has already been made and will soon be released to users, bringing functional alert back to Android

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