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HomesportThe alleged mastermind behind the threat to the Di Maria family has...

The alleged mastermind behind the threat to the Di Maria family has been arrested

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Rosario police arrested Tamara León, the leader of a criminal group linked to drug trafficking called Los Monos, who is accused of being the mastermind behind the threat against Di Maria.

The arrest was made after a series of operations carried out by the Rosario Operations Unit, the Federal Police and Federal Forces.

The group was practically dismantled after nine arrests linked to the Di Maria case and drug trafficking. The attackers, Pablo Ezequiel Acuto, Sara Belen Gutierrez and Gabriel Ismael Pastore, have also already been arrested.

I gave you my word: we will arrest every member of these gangs. “We are doing it,” Argentine National Security Minister Patricia Bullrich announced on social media.

In the early hours of Monday, a note was left next to the house where Di Maria stays when he travels to Rosario, intended for the family of the Benfica player. “Tell your son Ángel not to return to Rosario, otherwise we will ruin everything by killing a family member. Not even Polaro [Maximiliano Pullaro, governador da província de Santa Fé] He will save you. We don't throw away pieces of paper. “We shoot pellets and people end up dead,” the message said.

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