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The Alpine A290 has been unveiled. Electrical hot hatch with assembled DNA

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The new A290 is Alpine's first 100% electric model, and promises to be one of the most fun-to-drive models in the segment. We have already met him.

More than a year after we first saw him, It is still in prototype formthe Alpine A290 has finally been introduced to the world.

The first of three 100% electric models that Alpine will launch by 2026, in an offensive the French brand calls “Dream Garage”, the A290 is based on the Renault 5 we already know but presents itself as a car. Hot hatch Modern era, with sporting ambitions and many competition-inspired elements.

It is scheduled to arrive in the Portuguese market only at the end of the year, but Diogo Teixeira has already visited it in Paris, France. watching video:

The Alps were promised…

When presented Prototype A290_βAlpine promised that the exterior image of the production version will be 85% identical. Now that we know the final design, we realize that promise has been fulfilled.

This begins to be one of the biggest assets of this small sports car, which clearly distances itself from the model that serves as its base, the Renault 5: it has wider tracks (they are 5 cm wider), more aggressive bumpers, larger wheels (19 inches as standard) and the same Brembo front brake calipers found on the Alpine A110.

Alpine A290 rims
© Alps

Not to mention the two auxiliary projectors, square-shaped and marked with an “X”, a clear reference to the strips that were placed on the headlights of rally cars in the past.

Available in four different colors (blue, white, matte gray and black) for the bodywork, including the new Alpine Vision Blue color for the unit seen in the featured video, the A290 is distinguished by its many dark elements, in black, ranging from the air diffusers to the sills. Side, roof, and spoiler Rear, wheel arches and rims.

The interior has changed the most

In contrast to the exterior, the A290's cabin has changed significantly compared to the prototype that preceded it. But nothing else could be expected, after all, the A290_β had a conceptual interior, designed to test new solutions and technologies.

That started with the configuration of the cabin itself, with three seats, just like a McLaren F1 car: the driver in the middle and one seat on each side, positioned slightly further back. And I almost forgot: there was no luggage compartment!

As you can imagine, none of this made it to the final production version, which has a more traditional configuration: space for five passengers and a luggage compartment with a capacity of 326 litres, enough for the A290 to be able to fulfill its normal duties. From Facilities B-Part.

Alpine A290 seatsAlpine A290 seats
© Alps

However, as Diogo Teixeira explains in this video of the first (static) contact with the Alpine A290, don't expect a lot of space in the back seats. This tram is 3990mm long and is clear.

Inspired by A110

Despite everything, one thing remains very clear: the most special place on this A290 is the driver. Because this is an electric car for those who love to drive. This was a guarantee made by Alpine engineers from the first moment.

For this reason, the steering wheel (three-spoke) ends up becoming one of the most distinctive elements of the interior of this model: it has aluminum buttons inspired by the Alpine Formula 1 single-seater, a rotary control to change the level of brake regeneration and a button Red with the abbreviation OV (from Transgression), which for a few seconds gives us the maximum available power.

Next, it is important to highlight the gearbox controls located on the center console, between the front seats, which are similar in every way to what we already know from the Alpine A110, which until now was the only model on sale from the French brand.

Alpine A290 interiorAlpine A290 interior
© Alps

With its 10.1-inch multimedia display and specific graphics, the A290 also features dedicated physical buttons for climate control and sports seats with good lateral support, a mandatory item for anyone who wants to explore this electric machine. Hot hatch.

Two energy levels

Speaking of the electric machine, the new Alpine A290 – built on the AmpR Small platform – is always available with just one electric motor, which can be rated at 180 hp (130 kW) and 285 Nm (in GT and GT Premium versions) or 220 hp (160 kW). ) and 300 Nm (in GT Performance and GTS versions).

Alpine A290 frontAlpine A290 front
© Alps

In both cases, the battery is always the same: we are faced with a on him With a capacity of 52 kWh it allows a range of up to 380 kilometers (a figure not yet approved) in the combined cycle.

In order not to lose:
Abarth 500e. We tested the electric car with the “roar” of the gasoline engine

However, depending on the version chosen, throttle response varies, as do throttle levels. performance Achieved: Thanks to the 180 hp engine, the A290 accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 7.4 seconds and reaches a top speed of 160 km/h; The most powerful version claims 6.4 seconds and 170 km/h respectively.

These are interesting figures, if we take into account the segment in which this model is listed, which gains more expressiveness when we look at the total weight of the package: 1479 kg in the lightest version.

Alpine A290 backgroundAlpine A290 background
© Alps

This, along with a lower center of gravity, wider tracks and rear suspension Multi-linksuggest a fun driving suggestion.

However, details such as the tires were developed in partnership with Michelin and the system Alpine Touch Technology For torque management that promises to make a difference on the road and on the track.

how much does it cost?

The Alpine A290 doesn't have final prices yet for the Portuguese market, but we already know that it will hit the market at the end of the year with a guide price starting at €38,000.

The organization of the range has not yet been confirmed for our country, although Alpine offers it with the four different versions that we saw above: A290 GT, A290 GT Premium, A290 GT Performance and A290 GTS.

It will also be joined, during the launch, by the limited series “Premiere Edition”, which will be offered in three exclusive versions: Beta, inspired by the A290_β prototype, La Grise and La Bleue.

The A290 GTS Premiere Edition will be limited to just 1,955 examples, a nod to the year Jean Ridelli founded Alpine.

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