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The alternative market in Lisbon will arrive at Alvalade – NiT

The alternative market in Lisbon will arrive at Alvalade – NiT

The Lisbon alternative market will reach Alvalade

At Anjos70 & Fleamarket you’ll find over 50 stalls selling everything from vintage items to more modern offerings.

Many prefer to avoid fast fashion stores, where the offer tends to be huge and unoriginal. Choose to shop where unique pieces can be found. A major event of this style in Lisbon is Anjos70, considered the “most alternative market” in the capital.

For 11 years, this type of exhibition has been held in Região dos Anjos, in Lisbon. However, the organization certainly lost that space, but it did not allow itself to be relegated. Over the next few years, they will take this concept to different areas of the capital.

The first parish to welcome Anjos70 & Fleamarket will be Alvalade, at A11 Galleries, a building that was once a factory but is now a modern, more welcoming development.

On the 4th and 5th of November, you will be able to find a countless number of items there – including decorative items, clothing pieces or accessories – from antiques and vintage proposals to contemporary and original creations.

“This space will be an oasis for art and vintage lovers, featuring more than 50 booths filled with new, used and vintage items. Visitors will also have the opportunity to discover new local creators and artists who will be there to share their unique talents.”

Doors open at 11 a.m. and close at 7 p.m., and entry is free.

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