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The analyst points to 5 cryptocurrencies that cost less than R$1 to buy next week

The analyst points to 5 cryptocurrencies that cost less than R$1 to buy next week

The cryptocurrency market continues to show notable gains. While some cryptocurrencies have already started to consolidate, others are still attractive to investors, with entry prices below R$1 per unit.

Analytics firm Finbold has carefully examined the cryptocurrency market and identified five digital assets that have recently stood out due to their price movements, investor interest and promising developments. According to the company, these assets represent attractive investment opportunities for the coming week.

The first cryptocurrency on the list is the Shiba Inu, which has recently regained investor interest thanks to a partnership with financial services company Robinhood and the expansion of its services to Nevada.

According to Feinbold, the increase in trading volume indicates increased interest, and perhaps the expectation of significant price movements. SHIB is currently trading at R$0.00003974, representing a decline of 0.43%.

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In second place is the memecoin Floki (FLOKI), which has seen a significant increase in trading volume recently due to the launch of the TokenFi token dedicated to the real assets sector (RWA).

Currently, FLOKI is trading at R$0.00019070, registering a 23.76% increase in the last 24 hours. Moreover, it has accumulated gains of 104.96% in the previous week and an impressive 143.50% in the past month.

In third place was Pepe (PEPE), which doubled its market value in just one week, exceeding US$500 million. The increase in activity and trading volume has been significant, with over 155,000 individual cryptocurrency wallets containing PEPE.

In fourth place on the company’s list is WAX (WAXP), which recently announced a partnership with Amazon Prime Gaming to offer digital collectibles and other benefits to Brawlers players around the world, with the aim of integrating the gaming world on Web3.

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Closing the list is Cronos (CRO). Cryptocurrency custody provider Atato this week integrated Bring-Your-Own-Chain (BYOC) with Cronos (CRO) and XRP Ledger (XRP) networks, aiming to eliminate tokenization and provide greater security and functionality for crypto assets. .