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Bitcoin e outras duas criptomoedas vão disparar em breve, diz analista

The analyst says Bitcoin and two other cryptocurrencies will be launched soon

Bitcoin (BTC) and two other cryptocurrencies are ready to resume their bull races. In addition to BTC, Solana (SOL) and SushiSwap (SUSHI) are on their way to new reviews.

The analysis was performed by a famous dealer known as Smart Contracter. According to him, the shooting may happen soon.

BTC: Approximately $ 70,000 USD

Despite the recent sharp drop in the bitcoin price, a trader is optimistic about the price. He indicated that the cryptocurrency is ready for a new bullish test that could raise the price to $ 75,000.

At the current price, the value is equivalent to approximately R $ 397,000. Even with the strong depreciation of the currency on Thursday (13), BTC has already begun to resume $ 50K levels.

“It hasn’t changed much for BTC. He indicated that new records are all the time on the way and claims of US $ 40,000 are ready to tackle this phase.

Sushi is about to reverse the trend

For the smart contractor, SUSHI still follows a downtrend. However, he believes that this process is about to be reversed.

If this reversal occurs, the DeFi symbol could see the dollar spike up to 200%, setting a new historic high.

Currently, SUSHI is down 11.2%, to $ 15.29 – or about R $ 81 at the current price. With the expected estimate, the token could be up to $ 45 USD, with a price around R $ 240.

SOL can have both powerful and dual performance

Another analyst bet is SOL, the original Solana token, which has emerged as one of Ethereum’s competitors. He indicated that the token could have strong performances in both the dollar and BTC.

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In the first case, the token could leave its current price, at around $ 41, and reach new highs close to $ 60. In fact, the evolution will be from the current 219 R $ to around 318 BRL, considering the current quote calculation.

In the SOL / BTC pair, the trader has not taken a clear direction. However, it highlighted support in the area of ​​0.00075 BTC.

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