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The animal spirit that matches each of the signs of the zodiac

The animal spirit that matches each of the signs of the zodiac

NAstrology Every sign has an animal that it represents, and even in Aboriginal culture, there are some animals officially venerable.

Here, according to Oh! Mag, which is the animal spirit of each sign from Horoscope:


He is a born businessman, and as such, the falcon, the symbol of strength and power, is his animal spirit.


The animal spirit of this sign is the beaver. He is hard-working and generous, just like Taurus people.


Gemini is naturally light and communicative, just like a deer.


Woodpeckers especially love the family and are very much protector – equal to this mark.


Salmon has been admired for thousands of years, and is undoubtedly a lion’s soul companion.


The animal spirit of this sign is the bear. The Virgo-like specimen is impressive, independent, and knows how to deal with loneliness.


The sign that balances itself between two different worlds – and the raven plays a very similar mediating role.


The snake is transformed into being reborn and so is the mysterious and spiritual scorpion.


The owl and the bow share two notoriously distinct traits: mind and movement.


Stubborn, stubborn, hardworking and ambitious, Goose Like Capricorn does everything to get to Objectives.


He loves his complete independence and freedom. The animal spirit of this sign is otters.


Pisces has an impressive intuition and cunning, which can only be compared to the majestic werewolf.

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