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The announcer says Megan should be "quiet" and that fans don't forgive

The announcer says Megan should be “quiet” and that fans don’t forgive

a Australian TV presenter Edwina Bartholomew was accused of “hypocrisy” on the part of fans of the Dukes of Sussex after she said Meghan Markle should return to silence.

According to sources revealed to the Daily Mail, Megan Markle told her friends, “I didn’t want to be the center of attention” at Prince Philip’s funeral, so staying in the United States was the best decision.

Faced with remarks like these, Edwina, 37, said, “I kept my opinion on the two for a while, but if this is true, it pisses me off. I’ve always loved Harry and Meghan and now I feel like I’ve changed.”

The presenter believes that the topic of “attention” is correct, but it should not be mentioned by either of the spouses. “Just follow what the palace says once in your life. Shut up.”, Completed.

Meghan and Harry’s fans rejected this view, saying the speaker was “hypocritical,” remembering that Megan, an eight-month-pregnant woman, found herself unable to travel like any other woman in her condition.

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