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The Apple Vision Pro 2 will be 8 months away from launch

The Apple Vision Pro 2 will be 8 months away from launch

It is a fact that the Apple Vision Pro is leaving the technology market noisy once again. Although it is a device that is still limited to the United States of America, it will certainly reach all continents, sooner or later. However, since this is the first product in a new line, someone is already thinking about what Vision Pro Version 2 will look like and when it will appear, and there are already some ideas.

Is the world ready for spatial computing?

Apple appears to be at least eight months away from the second generation Vision Pro, according to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman in his latest "Power On" newsletter.

He repeats reports that some units of this alien computer have been returned. However, some reports indicate that the production of this equipment is still slow and it will take time for the current version to be expanded to more markets.

One of the less positive points of the intense demand the device received was, on average, over a 14-day period, returns. And for this phenomenon Mark Gorman left out some reasons Why people come back to Vision Pro:

  • The device is simply too heavy, too complicated to handle, headache-inducing and uncomfortable.
  • The current lack of apps and video content doesn't justify the price.
  • The business features don't make people any more productive than just using a regular external display with a Mac — and they're difficult to use for long periods of time.
  • The screens are too bright, the field of view is too narrow, and the device causes eye fatigue and vision problems.
  • The product can make users feel isolated from family and friends. There are no meaningful sharing experiences yet and the Vision Pro cannot be easily transferred to others due to the need for fine-tuning.
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All of these complaints are fair. However, the vast majority of owners do not cite these complaints as a valid reason to return. The truth is that many of those who returned it are like that YouTubers, Influencerscurious people who, during a possible return period, wanted to test it and create content and then had no intention of keeping it.

What can Vision Pro version 2 add or improve?

As for the Vision Pro 2, it is an advanced second-generation model and spatial computing device that will be cheaper and ultimately without some of the features found in this current model.

So the second version will be able to offer these features:

  • Ability to display multiple Mac desktop displays when connected wirelessly to Vision Pro (first version only supports one desktop display at a time).
  • Ability for multiple Vision Pro users in a multi-person FaceTime video call to leverage Personas (a VR version of the user's reality based on facial scans). The first version will only support one-on-one conversations with people.
  • Fitness+ and the ability to exercise while using your device with content Virtual fitness.
  • A lighter, made of other types of materials, as introduced by Apple on the iPhone

Of course, when it comes to apps, Apple needs time, and programmers need time, because it's a new environment. However, the company already has more than 1,000 applications fully adapted and ready for use in spatial computing glasses.

Moreover, when it comes to adjustments to brightness and the quality of some graphics, the hardware that Apple has installed allows further development of the VisionOS operating system, which, as we have seen, allows corrections to be made to improve what a new world of feedback reaches the Cupertino company.

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Finally, we cannot forget that competition is becoming more vigilant and has an open path. There are rumors of Samsung working in this sector, like Huawei, and Mita continues to pressure the market with the Quest generation. Others will appear too.