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The application that helps drivers to park has arrived in Portugal

The application that helps drivers to park has arrived in Portugal

The EasyPark app, which makes it easy to pay parking fees with minimal driver effort, is now available in Portugal.

In addition to helping drivers find and manage their parking lot, it also helps charge electric vehicles. The app, featured by several awards and covered across Europe, is now on the streets of Lisbon.

The application allows you to start, stop, extend or reduce a parking session. Drivers can also pay to charge their electric vehicle, find streets with a large number of parking spaces and reserve parking spaces in advance. The app has also been adapted to in-vehicle operating systems such as Apple CarPlay or Android Automotive.

“Our vision is to make cities more livable, and the key to that is to ensure that the parking experience is as easy and seamless as possible,” said Jennifer Tavares de Sousa, Director of EasyPark Group in Portugal.

The company also offers software solutions to parking providers, as well as municipalities and landlords, who collect data to help make planning decisions in cities.

“An optimized parking ecosystem means less time searching for available parking spaces, which reduces congestion and gas emissions into the atmosphere,” the company’s statement says.

EasyPark has coverage across Europe, spread across 27 countries, and facilitates travel between countries such as Spain, Italy, France and Germany.

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