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The Arbitration Board reveals new VAR communications

The Arbitration Board reveals new VAR communications

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The second round of audio posting of the video referee is here. The Arbitration Board of the Portuguese Football Federation announced, today, Sunday, the communications between the referee and VAR, from rounds 4 to 7 of the first league.

This initiative will be repeated again after the beginning of last September Audio of the Super Cup and the opening three rounds of the First League.

The program will be broadcast on Sport TV, and you can follow its most important events live Sports per minute.

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Farense Sporting Braga (fifth round of the league)

Rodrigo Querido | 3 minutes ago

Penalty kick due to a foul by Abel Ruiz on Artur Jorge in the 49th minute:

Helder Malheiro (VAR): From here, VAR recommends reviewing the penalty kick. The defender brings his elbow closer to the attacker’s face. Contact point. Open the arm in the attacker’s face.
Antonio Nobre (referee): Yes…put it to a more normal speed. There at the point of contact. Yes! Yellow by Abel Ruiz.
Helder Malheiro (VAR): Yes number 9!
Antonio Nobre (referee): (Whistle for penalty mark).

Benfica – Vitoria (fourth round of the first league)

Rodrigo Querido | 4 minutes ago

Possible penalty kick after handball by Afonso Freitas in the 90+4 minute:

  • Andre Narciso (VAR): This is VAR, Nuno. Are you listening to me?
  • Nuno Almeida (referee): I am!
  • Andre Narciso (VAR): I ask you to come to the review area to cancel the penalty kick.
  • Nuno Almeida (referee): Hugo (the assistant) stays there.
  • Andre Narciso (VAR): His arm is close to his body and the ball hits his right arm. Here is the still image.
  • Nuno Almeida (referee): To be honest, from where I am, it’s not what it sounds like…but go.
  • Andre Narciso (VAR): There is a cross and the ball hits his right arm, which is close to his body. be seen?
  • Nuno Almeida (referee): very good. once again?
  • Nuno Almeida (referee): Leaves…
  • Nuno Almeida (referee): The player keeps his arm too close to his body, doesn’t gain size, and there’s no obvious movement… I agree with you. Excellent decision, Andre.
  • Andre Narciso (VAR): He issues the signal and places the ball on the ground inside the area for the goalkeeper.
  • Nuno Almeida (referee): The ball was dropped inside the penalty area to the goalkeeper, on the right.

Rio Ave-Famalicao (5th round of the first league)

Rodrigo Querido | 8 minutes ago

A penalty kick was canceled and he was sent off after he fell in the Ciquinho area with Jose in the 91st minute:

  • Bruno Esteves (VAR): Bruno, from VAR here, I advise you to come to the review area to cancel the penalty. In my opinion, the touch he has on his back is really minimal. I want you to analyze this movement.
  • Bruno Esteves (VAR): Have you arrived?
  • Bruno Jose Costa (referee): actually
  • Bruno Esteves (VAR): Well, this is the hand. Now I’ll show you the dynamics of the play. Turn back and put me on normal speed.
  • Bruno Esteves (VAR): Okay, but this way he can’t see… Show him the side. I can show you the best one but there is nothing. From my understanding…there is nothing in the feet…is the hand really superficial? There’s no drag, there’s nothing.
  • Bruno Jose Costa (referee): I want to see dynamics, open plan and normal speed. Okay, I’ll drop the ball to the goalkeeper. Put it back.
  • Bruno Jose Costa (referee): Put the top on it. Can you zoom this camera at the focal point?
  • Bruno Jose Costa (referee): I’m going to drop the ball.
  • Bruno Esteves (VAR): do you understand? Take out the card and drop the ball. It’s number 23
  • Bruno Jose Costa (referee): Hey, fire… Okay, I’ll drop the ball.
  • Bruno Esteves (VAR): Okay, Bruno!

Desportivo de Chaves Moreirense (fourth round of the first league)

Rodrigo Querido | 19 minutes ago

Possible penalty kick against Andre Luis, 31st minute:

  • Luis Ferreira (VAR): Helder, hence VAR. I suggest you come to the review area for a possible penalty.
  • Helder Carvalho (referee): well good…
  • Helder Carvalho (referee): Begins
  • Helder Carvalho (referee): Ottavio, please stay here
  • Luis Ferreira (VAR): This is the moment when the player plays the ball in his hand, okay?
  • Helder Carvalho (referee): But, Louis… for me, the scene was what I saw in the field. He has no intention. Show me another one. The ball hits his chest and he puts his arm there. Show me another one, please.
  • Helder Carvalho (referee): Hey…it’s very unintentional, Louis.
  • Joao Pinho (fourth official):Back, back, back, back, back…
  • Helder Carvalho (referee): He’s not making a move, Louis.
  • Luis Ferreira (VAR): be seen?
  • Helder Carvalho (referee): For me nothing. Get out! Leaves!

Benfica – Porto (seventh round of the first league)

Rodrigo Querido | 4 minutes ago

Possible red card for David Carmo for a foul on Rafa Silva in the 33rd minute

  • Artur Soares Dias (VAR): Joao, I suggest you come to the review area. The speed at which Rafa is going, I have doubts and more certainty that he will arrive before the ball and will go on his own. I’m more than sure that Rafa has overcome it and will arrive first. He has a square ball.
  • Joao Pinheiro (referee): Okay, Arthur! For me it is way off the mark. Can you return it, please? Continues at normal speed. Well, for me it’s yellow, thanks. The player is moving too sideways and this player is not in a position to play the ball. I stand by my decision.
  • Artur Soares Dias (VAR): very good. Let’s go!

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