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The art of divorce sold for nearly six billion crowns - VG

The art of divorce sold for nearly six billion crowns – VG

Kunst: Fv: Andy Warhols “Nine Marilyn”, Mark Rothkus “No. 7 »og Pablo Picassos« figure (a monument project to Guillaume Apollinaire)».

Valuable art collected through a 57-year marriage has been hammered as a result of a bitter separation.


In 2018, a New York court ordered real estate mogul Harry McCullough, 83, and his ex-wife, Linda, 83, to sell their art collection — and then split the proceeds in two.

The “Mclaw Group”, as it is called, was sold on Monday for $676.1 million, or about NOK 5.9 billion, according to reports. Washington Post.


The sale would be the highest ever from a single owner, the now divorced couple in this case. However, just over half of the total 65 works were sold. The rest will be auctioned in May next year.

During Sotheby’s 277-year history, art from the same owner has never gone for such an impressive amount.

Reportedly 300 art lovers were present when 35 gems were hammered on Monday, including works signed by Andy Warhol, Mark Rothko and Pablo Picasso.

New Wife: A giant portrait of real estate mogul Harry McCullough and his new wife, Patricia Lando, in his apartment building at 432 Park Avenue in New York in 2019.

The couple married McCullough in 1959, but filed for divorce in 2016. Harry McCullough married again in 2019 to French Patricia Landau (64 years old). Then the couple grabbed attention by hanging large pictures of themselves in the apartment building 432 Park Avenue in New York.

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The building, which McCullough owned, was central to the bitter divorce dispute between McCullough and his ex-wife. daily Mail Use a lot of space in a fight.

The sale of the art collection is the result of a long discussion about the distribution of the couple’s wealth.

“I am very satisfied and happy,” McCullough told the site. i liked after the auction.

The ex-wife was also present during the auction, but did not speak to the press. In 2016, Linda McCullough was named an honorary member of the Metropolitan Museum of Art for her artistic commitment.

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