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The ashes of Angelica Jordaw's daughter for sale online?  Police check

The ashes of Angelica Jordaw’s daughter for sale online? Police check

aAngelica Jordao is experiencing one of the most difficult moments of her life. After losing her daughter, Lua, who died before she could complete her pregnancy, the former TVI reality show contestant ended up stealing the girl’s ashes, as the car she was in was stolen.

on social networks, Angelica had already confessed without hope and faith to get the ashes backHowever, the case has new developments.

On her Instagram account, Mel Jordão’s sister showed what appears to be an advertisement for the sale of the aforementioned jar.

“Everything will be handed over to the police, with all the conversations, evidence and photo sent”It is taught through stories.

Alleged advertisement being investigated by police© Instagram – Angelica Jordaw

But things did not stop there. Angelica also made sure to share a series of printouts of messages she exchanged with a follower, who accused her of creating a “drama”.

“Every time I feel more disappointed than a human! My daughter was a 30cm and 600gm baby girl. She was a perfect and complete baby! For others, perhaps not being born is the same as love!, defend.

See the messages in the gallery.

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