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The Aska A5 is designed to “slide” through the skies and city roads.  Prototype progress in flight test – multimedia

The Aska A5 is designed to “slide” through the skies and city roads. Prototype progress in flight test – multimedia

In 2021, Aska, then called NFT, was introduced A new concept of the flying car. The North American startup continues to develop the project, and recently, Presented the first prototype of the Aska A5 which in July carried out its first flight testAfter obtaining certification from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

with dimensions similar to those of an SUV, The Aska A5 is a vehicle that can accommodate up to four crew membersAmong them is a pilot. In addition to its ability to take off and land verticallylike a helicopter, And the vehicle can also do this horizontally, like an airplane.

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According to the company, The Aska A5, “powered” by a hybrid system, is capable of reaching top speeds of about 242 kilometers per hour during flights. The vehicle is also capable of flying distances of up to 402 km.

The “wings” of the Aska A5, which is equipped with six turbines, are foldable, allowing them to be retracted when the car enters road navigation mode. The company obtained a permit from the Motor Vehicle Administration (DMV) in the United States, allowing the vehicle to travel on public roads.

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In the words of Guy Kaplinsky, CEO and co-founder of Aska, the first test flight is a major milestone for the project. Mackie Kaplinsky, co-founder and chief operating officer, says so The company is working closely with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to ensure that the tests are safe and that the next steps in development include improving the vehicle’s capabilities..

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For the North American startup, the goal is to give those who live within about 200 kilometers of big cities the possibility to move more quickly to urban centres.

As the project continues to evolve, Aska aims to improve the appearance of the flying “car”, which will cost $789,000 in its final version.. Pre-orders started in 2021. in the current situationThe company claims that it has already crossed the $50 million mark. Delivery of the first vehicle is scheduled for 2026.