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The Australian Parliament has been rocked by a sexual harassment scandal

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In Australia, the government has been embroiled in a sex scandal for weeks in parliament. Many women have been accused of raping colleagues or superiors. This week, an Australian channel received compromise videos showing parliamentary links from the current majority.

Criticized for his inaction, Prime Minister Scott Morrison spoke to reporters on Tuesday, March 23rd. Through tears, the President referred to his wife, daughters and even his mother as guides in his commitment to the fight against sex.

Faced with growing public opinion questioning his willingness to change the masculine environment of Canberra’s circles of power, Morrison presented himself as an advocate for gender equality. “I want women in this country to have the same opportunities, the same voice and the same protection,” said the president, who refuses to create a parliamentary inquiry into violence against women in parliament.

But as he finished his speech, the tone changed rapidly. Angered by a journalist’s question about his inaction on the matter, Morrison referred to a harassment case in the press room where the journalist works and advised him to be careful. “You have the right to criticize us from your pedestal, but be careful,” Morrison said. The newsroom in question, ‘Sky News’, denied the allegations.

The spread of videos of Australian Conservative government employees being sexually assaulted in Parliament has caused great embarrassment to the sexuality of the political class.

The videos and photos, which were allegedly shared in a group chat among Conservative government employees before a whistleblower was leaked, were first exposed by The Australian newspaper and Channel 10 on Monday night.

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The complainant, identified only as Tom, told both employees that government employees and deputies sometimes used the prayer room of parliament for sexual relations and that they brought prostitutes into the building “for the pleasure of the Coalition representatives.”

He explained that a group of employees had exchanged pornographic photos of themselves and that he had received a number of “immunizations”.

He spoke of “the culture of men who believe they can do what they want,” and even though he assesses that employees do not violate any law, “morally, they are done.”

Sex culture exposed in Australian politics

One councilor has already been fired and the government has promised to take action.

Women’s Minister Marice Payne, the head of the State Department, told the media that the revelations were “more than disappointing” and reinforced the need for a government-ordered inquiry into the culture of the workplace. Parliament.

In cases of harassment against women, many voices condemn the sexual culture of the Australian political class.

In mid-March, tens of thousands of people took part in the “#March4Justice” protest march to condemn sexual violence and demand gender equality.

Industry Minister Karen Andrews said she was “completely exhausted” about sex and that “conscience would not allow her to shut her mouth anymore.”

RFI Reporter with Gregory Place and AFP

This article was originally published In RFI