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The Australian Peninsula Hot Springs is expanding in Australia

Peninsula Hot Springs, Victoria, Australia (Source: Peninsula Hot Springs)

Peninsula Hot Springs Hot Springs is expanding its business in Australia with plans to revamp a hot spring business in the state of Victoria.

Australian Hot Springs Operator Peninsular Hot Springs is reportedly expanding further Spa Business. After visiting the Peninsular Hot Springs geothermal spa in 2011, I was able to see the entrepreneurial attitude of founder Charles Davidson and his team during the 2015 World Geothermal Congress. The company has expanded to New Zealand and is involved in a major route map for the geothermal hot springs and bath tourism strategy, We will report in 2019.

The company expanded its business to New Zealand and acquired Maruya Hot Springs, located on the South Island of the country.

Now, the company has announced plans for a new geothermal spring location in the Australian state of Victoria. Together with his associates, he plans to renovate the Mettung Hot Springs, now closed in 1992.

Work began in 2018 and an investment of about US $ 3.9 million has now been announced, which will enable the phase development of a glowing village, heated pools, sauna, fall pools, domed living rooms and walkways. Interestingly, this also includes the installation of a “hole 19” hot spring bathing facility at the local golf course. Described as Australia’s first hot spring golf course, it would be interesting to see if golf courses with integrated hot spring spa facilities are actually available in other parts of the world.

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Mettung Hot Springs Master Plan (Source: Peninsula Hot Springs)

We continue to follow the advancements of the Hot Spring Spa business as it includes not only the best opportunities to offer geothermal gifts, but also the health and wellness aspects it offers.

Source: Spa Business