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The automated coupon has reached its end.  Maad supplies end on Saturday - Economy

The automated coupon has reached its end. Maad supplies end on Saturday – Economy

Launched in November, the automated coupon is expected to run for five months, through March, with 10 cents redeemed per liter of fuel up to a maximum of 50 liters.

To take advantage of this measure, consumers only had to register on the IVAucher platform.

Without the need for a minimum consumption, the automatic coupon redemption was paid from the first supply of the month, provided that the amount unspent in a given month (five euros) accrues with the month(s) of the following month(s). (s).

In the face of rising fuel prices, especially after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the government decided to increase subsidies per liter in March and April from 10 cents to 40 cents, increasing the monthly payment from five to 20 euros.

This boost boosted the number of coupon subscribers, who registered more than 300,000 new subscriptions in the two weeks following the announcement of the monthly value increase.

According to the rules of procedure, the compensation of a person who joined in March, but used the allotment only in April, amounts to 40 euros.

As for members during the month of April, the total entitlement is €20, being today the last day to purchase fuel and they are still entitled to the subsidy, if this is the first supply of the month.

Data released on Friday by the Ministry of Finance indicates that the value of refunds to consumers through the automated voucher has already reached 124.4 million euros, with the action currently registering 314,491 affiliates.