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The award awards R$5,000 to those who value science in Amapá;  See how to apply |  work and job

The award awards R$5,000 to those who value science in Amapá; See how to apply | work and job

The second edition of the APAPA Award for Science, Technology and Innovation’robrio nobreIt also begins to highlight science beginner students, in both basic and higher education. The public notice was launched this Wednesday (17), and Recordings Can be done until 2 pm September 20.

Researchers, professors, students, startups, and technology-based companies can apply, as well as communications professionals. There will be 13 winners, who will take first place in each category and subcategory Bonus from 2500 BRL to 5000 BRLIn addition to the trophy and certificate.

The first places in the categories of Distinguished Researcher, Innovative Researcher and Communication Professional will be nominated for the award from the National Council for Governmental Research Support Institutions (Confap).

The award is organized by the Amapá Research Support Foundation (Fapeap), associated with the State Department for Science and Technology (Setec). The resources used for the award, in the total amount of R$50,000, come from the state treasury.

“The science and technology of Amapá has already transcended the borders of the state, all thanks to the efforts of our researchers and everyone who contributes to the sector. The award is a way of recognizing our talents who perform brilliantly in universities, research institutes and schools,” said Amapá’s Minister of Science and Technology, Rafael Pontes.

Categories and prizes

  • Distinguished researcher (subcategories: Life science; exact sciences; and human sciences) – 5 thousand Brazilian riyals for each sub-category
  • innovative researcher (Innovation for the public or private sector) – 5 thousand Brazilian riyals
  • Communication Professional (subcategories: Internet and television journalism) – 5 thousand Brazilian riyals for each sub-category
  • A company or startup distinguished in innovation – 5 thousand Brazilian riyals
  • Scientific or technological start in the modalities the basic education And the University education – 2.5 thousand Brazilian riyals for each sub-category
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  • Recordings: Until September 20
  • Analyzing and judging the proposals: From September 23 to October 3
  • Announcement of the finalists: October 5
  • Awards ceremony: Until October 21

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