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The ball – 11.7 million euros “flew” out of his account faster than Bolt himself (Athletics)

The ball – 11.7 million euros “flew” out of his account faster than Bolt himself (Athletics)

The fastest man on the planet and in history Jamaican Usain Bolt, 36, the world record holder for the 100 and 200 meters, told authorities in his home country that $12.7 million (€11.743 million) was still ‘flying’ faster than he could. An account he owns in Kingston and the local investment bank Stocks & Securities Ltd (SSL).

The alleged fraud by the champion of the amazing track was exposed on the eleventh, when he consulted the balance of his account, and instead of the amount he guaranteed (and believed) to be deposited there, he found, instead, a meager balance. 12 thousand dollars (11,096 euros).

Jamaican Police’s Financial Investigation Department Director Sylvain Hay confirmed on Thursday, citing ESPN, that “It wasn’t Usain Bolt alone” to see his money “fly” faster than the account(s). ) of “Lightning” on the hectometer and double hectometer on Tartan Trails.

The Financial Investigation Division and Jamaica’s Commissioner for Fraud have already opened an investigation to try to uncover those responsible for transferring funds from the accounts to their respective owners, as well as the whereabouts of the as yet unknown investors’ funds.

“$12.7 million has inexplicably disappeared from Usain’s account. If it is not found and recovered, he will file a legal and formal complaint,” was the guarantee left that day by Linton Gordon, the attorney, that Usain Bolt appointed his representative in the steps to recover the money, while he was The former runner’s agent, Ricky Sims, reiterated that it was an ongoing investigation.

The first news isn’t good for the alleged victims, and not just for Bolt: On Tuesday, the 17th, the Jamaica Financial Services Commission (FSC, Financial Services Commission) assumed, by law, the “interim management” of the aforementioned investment firm SSL, in the eye of the hurricane.

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On Wednesday, the 18th, FSC CEO Everton McFarlane confirmed at a press conference in Kingston to local reporters that “fraud has occurred by one of our SSL Customer Relationship Officers, and it is fraud at never-ending levels. seen before in the country ».

“An employee who steals from his own company is a risk in any business, and in financial institutions, it should be taken more seriously. “The vile and dishonest work of a simple SSL employee, possibly with the help of his partners, must not be associated with the risks that exist in all areas of the economy,” said Everton MacFarlane.

Notably, the SSL company released a statement on the 12th, revealing, according to CNN Internacional, “that it became aware of the fraudulent activity of a former employee, which was immediately reported to the authorities.” This, nothing good predicts, at the moment, the first news of Usain Bolt getting his savings back.