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The ball - a draw in a great show between Spain and Germany (World Cup 2022)

The ball – a draw in a great show between Spain and Germany (World Cup 2022)

Spain and Germany produced what was probably the best match of this World Cup so far. The Spaniards entered the match with confidence, after defeating Costa Rica in the first match in this competition (7-0), while the Germans had to resume their admitted calmness to overcome the pressure caused by the sudden defeat against Japan in the first match. It’s just that a new defeat put the Germans in a very bad position.

What is certain is that the ball started rolling and I soon realized that both teams were there to win. A lot of dedication, a lot of fighting, and a lot of respect too, and the result was a great football match, which, however, only saw goals in the second half. However, they could have made it in the first half. For Spain, Dani Olmo was close to scoring (7′), but Neuer made a save and the ball deflected towards the crossbar, then Jordi Alba (22′) shot close to the post. Germany scored the same through Rudiger (40′), but the move would have been canceled, and the German defender was out of the match.

The dispute continued in the second half very well and it would be a man who had just entered, in the case of Morata, to make the nets tremble: in the 62nd minute, Olmo Jordi sent Alba on the left, crossed close to the field, the striker signing a fine right-footed finish.

After the loss, Germany never lost regulation and would end up drawing, in fairness, in a move where the man in form was also the man who started off the bench, in Volkrog’s case, in a move that started in Musiala, teaming up with Sanneh and introducing the Werder Bremen striker. Before that, by the 74th minute, Musiala and Fullkrug missed good chances.

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The match was very interesting until the end, but the result did not change. There were two great teams on the field.

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