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The Ball – Alvaro Magalhaes’ analysis of the classic: “Conceição didn’t beat Schmidt, he beat Benfica” (Benfica – Porto)

If Nelson Rodriguez, the Pele of Portuguese historiography, discovers (poetically and philosophically) that “only the worst blind person in football sees the ball,” Álvaro Magalhaes asked, based on four questions from A BOLA, in the wake of Benfica-FC Porto showing that There is always more than a ball rolling across the lawn (in greater or lesser splendor).

“I wouldn’t be able to say, definitively, that FC Porto beat Benfica only because Sergio Conceição beat Roger Schmidt. Sérgio Conceição did his job very well: preparing the team in all aspects, both tactically and psychologically, so that it can be what it was in Inferno da Luz I know your players are already used to it, but I also know that with every challenge you have to face there you have to prepare the players for it – and Sérgio Conceição did it well, both from an emotional point of view, or the way he led his players To take their good game ideas even further, I prefer their game idea for a match like this, knowing what championship Benfica was doing, knowing that it was an important game also for Benfica to win the championship.So, what I’m saying is Sergio Conceicao Roger Schmidt was unbeaten, and Sérgio Conceição beat Benfica! Or perhaps it is better to say: Sérgio Conceição beat Benfica because, moreover, technically and tactically he knew how to be tougher, smarter and smarter, especially in the way he studied The Benfica team and played very well, thus winning the duel against Roger Schmidt, without a shadow of a doubt.”

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