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The Ball – “Benfica will not be bound by any law if they feel harmed” (Benfica)

The Ball – “Benfica will not be bound by any law if they feel harmed” (Benfica)

Support for Pedro Proenza in the recent elections for the presidency of the League was one of the topics that “caused the greatest decline in the unionist bloc” of Benfica during the General Assembly, which continued into the early hours of Friday. President Rui Costa vindicated.

“More than the A, B or C support, we were facing a unique candidacy and Pedro Proença had the support of 33 clubs, Benfica being the last to make their contribution. It would be more acceptable to everyone if you said we are against everything and everyone, using the old expression that we are We don’t need anyone. But, at this very moment, the decision to support Pedro Bruenza has a lot to do with the fact that he considers that Benfica is not interested in riding the highway in the opposite direction, ”he said in his last speech, stressing that he would not hesitate to reverse course if justified yourself:

“We’ve done that for the last three years and we’re even outside the league lead. Even for the fixture list we’re out. And what they’re asking of me is for Benfica to be at the center of decisions. Most likely, as we’ve done at other times – and as we’ve done now half a mutiny with the FA “The basket–, it could happen here too. But at this point in Benfica’s life, I think we would have absolutely nothing to gain, with 33 fans, from being on the other side. I don’t think that’s the way to go against the whole world.”

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He was applauded when he spoke about the process of centralizing audiovisual rights: «Everyone talks a lot about this transition, there are still no dates. The only data that exists, and the president of the association knows very well our position, and despite the fact that the law is governmental, is that Benfica will not comply with any law if it feels harmed ».