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The Ball - Bruno Fernandez and the Thorny Mission to Pick the Best 5 Portuguese (Manchester United)

The Ball – Bruno Fernandez and the Thorny Mission to Pick the Best 5 Portuguese (Manchester United)

This Tuesday, Bruno Fernandez participated in a question-and-answer session with Manchester United fans, after he told several details about Manchester United’s dressing room. A fan wanted to know the 5 best players ever, by selecting only the Portuguese players.

“I’ve done this exercise before, but it was with the Portuguese Premier League players. It is difficult because sometimes we have to add some players because we like them and other times the players are better than the players you love. In goal, for me, we have good goalkeepers but what I see the most and I think for many years he’s been good for the national team is Rui Patricio. And because he won the Euro championship with us, for me he will always be remembered because the match he played in the Final was great. As for defenses, I’ll only place one, I’m between Jorge Costa, Fernando Cotto, Pepe and Ricardo Carvallo. It’s tough to pick one, but I’d pick Ricardo Carvallo – because I think he’s such a classy player, such a good player. “I think it was one of the best we had in Portugal,” he said.

So far it seemed easy, and then the doubts began:

“In the midfield I can choose creative players … No, I cannot because I need Cristiano and Figo up front. So I only have space for one broker. I’ll share Cristiano and Figo in the lead because, of course, there are two golden balls, and I have to pick them. In midfield I am between Deco and Rui Costa. this is difficult. I can choose another one so that there is no competition between them! But I will choose. I’m not picking myself now, but maybe one day I’ll fight Rui Costa and Deco to be in the five every time! Arg, I’ll pick Roy Costa. I really love deco and deco, for me, when I got older, it was the number 10 top you can follow for style in everything. If you go to Italy now and ask some Fiorentina and AC Milan fans, they talk about him as if he were a great player. So, I chose Rui Costa. So: Rui Patricio, Ricardo Carvalho, Rui Costa, Figo and of course, Ronaldo.

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