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The ball - Conceicao emphasizes the technique of video assistant referee: "Everyone who sits in a chair can see perfectly" (FC Porto)

The ball – Conceicao emphasizes the technique of video assistant referee: “Everyone who sits in a chair can see perfectly” (FC Porto)

Sérgio Conceição said FC Porto didn’t have a great entrance against V. Guimarães, but he managed to correct it after that.

“The first half wasn’t good even though we tried. The beginning of the construction had a lot of people, we extended the game early. The team had difficulty controlling the match. When we corrected the first half, the game only had one meaning. We’ve had the chances to score more than one goal, to be in great shape, and to find space inside. We have to give Vitoria credit for her defensive organization, he said in quick interviews with SportTV, but we were just winners, albeit not that spectacularly.

What failed:

“We arrived easily, but we had one or two items in the area compared to six or seven Vitoria players, I think we should have more patience in the game until we found the space we wanted for what happened in the second half. With the ball we made a few occasions, five or six times to score.” Then, in those moves that I think should be interference by the VAR referee, they’re not falling over to our side: I remember this last move by Francisco [eventual mão de Mumin]There is an obvious deviation of the arm. I think it’s difficult for the referee, because it is a very fast movement for him, but whoever sits in a chair can fully see that it is a penalty kick. Prior to that, in a foul where there is a free kick, Nano shortens it, and the ball hits an arm within the area and is not considered a penalty kick. I say this because we are moving towards the end and the matches weigh in, it is important that all the teams are fine. And when they’re not feeling well – I’m talking about judging – there are people who help them. We don’t know what will happen next. Vitoria can paint in a match we don’t expect. ”

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Useful time and wide discretion for referee: “Maybe APAF’s recommendation, I don’t know. When we see play abandonment during the match, unaccounted fouls and in other cases, the simple back is a foul, of course it starts to anger the players. There has to be more. “Freedom to act. We don’t have to let it take off for a moment or another, you have to think about it. Everyone is coming together to offer something more for Portuguese football.”