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The Ball - “Cristiano has a great influence on his opponents” (Portugal)

The Ball – “Cristiano has a great influence on his opponents” (Portugal)

Lionel Pontes is convinced that the team coached by coach Murat Yakin will bet on eleven with some changes regarding the teams used in the group stage. The Portuguese coach also stresses the importance of Cristiano Ronaldo in the opposing teams’ behavior and remembers that the base of the Swiss national team is in the main European leagues.

How will Switzerland play against Portugal?

He will play in 4x2x3x1, where the base eleven remains with very few changes. Defensive sector with Gregor Sobel, from Borussia Dortmund, on the defensive line and right back Widmer, from Mainz, Rodriguez from Turin as left back and central defense Akanji, from Manchester City, and Elvide from Borussia. He usually keeps two defensive midfielders, Freuler from Nothing Forest and Xhaka from Arsenal. Up front and as attacking midfielder Sue, from Eintracht Frankfurt, Chaquary, from Chicago Fire, and Vargas, from Augsburg, on the wings, and as a reference in attack for Embolo from Monaco.

– Eleven with a lot of people playing in the best European leagues…

– yes. The starting 11 players mostly play in two of the most competitive leagues in the world, English and German. In this arrangement of ideas, players of high technical and tactical quality, who are physically strong and have a strong mentality are selected. They have the advantage that they have already beaten us several times and feel the matches against Portugal are balanced, despite the 4-0 defeat in the League of Nations. It has an alternate system: 3 x 5 x 2 with 3 central defenders, 3 midfielders and 2 attackers who can create different problems and be a surprise factor in the game.

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What are the strengths of Switzerland?

– The core team plays together for a long time and the quality/experience of its players. The central passer, from the striker to the goalkeeper, has a lot of quality and consistency. A very compact team defensively, primarily in the low middle of the block. Very dangerous in quick attacks and counterattacks. A lot of physical strength in duels.

– And weaknesses?

Attacking with few players and with an opponent behind the ball, they lack arguments to get chances. If they have had a long time without the ball, they tend to increase the distance between the lines and allow inside play.

– How do you rate the Portuguese national team in terms of strength?

– The mentality in games with a higher degree of competitiveness, the elimination of technical and tactical quality and the lack of respect for its players, associated with the creativity of João Félix, Bernardo and Bruno Fernandes. We have the best player in the world, Cristiano, who has a huge impact on his opponents.

– And weaknesses?

Difficulty creating scoring opportunities in closed teams in a medium block. Difficulty in attacking teams that play in defense with a line of 5 players. Lack of width in the game, which makes the game very far in the middle lane. Less intensity and speed in the rotation of the ball, which makes the game more predictable. No depth on the sides and a slight imbalance in the positions and 1×1. Few passes and create few goal chances for the striker.

The best Portuguese player in the first stage…

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Bruno Fernandes

– Best match in Portugal…

With Uruguay

What are you betting on in the match against Switzerland?

– Diogo Costa, Diogo Dalot, Ruben Dias, Pepe, Rafael Guerrero, William Carvalho, Ottavio, Bruno Fernandez, Joao Felix, Bernardo Silva and Cristianos Ronaldo.