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The Ball – Duarte Gomez Analysis of Classics (Super Cup)

The Ball – Duarte Gomez Analysis of Classics (Super Cup)

VAR feature

Luis Godinho, a very good referee, had a very complicated night, bolstered also by the disciplinary standards he chose at the start and which he was unable to maintain until the end of the match. Technically, he was always fine, although he was saved in a couple of moments linked by the efficiency of VAR, Joao Pinheiro. No one can doubt the importance of technology in serving sports.

Referee score: 5

Below is a technical analysis of the most important moves relevant to the match:

15′ – Godinho considered Ristic’s attack against Ottavio to be unsportsmanlike, but he was wrong. The error is present, but it does not justify the warning. From here, the native becomes hostage to standards that are difficult for him to meet in a game like this.

16′ Well shown yellow card for João Mário, after he carelessly tripped Pepê.

19 ‘ – The ball touched Eustachio’s right arm, which was next to his body and in a normal position. The midfielder was under pressure from Ursnes, who had previously hit him in the face with his left hand without triggering a foul. Ball contact occurred on the arm outside the area.

21 ‘ – Zaido touched the ball and then bah, the opponent falls to the ground. and it is accepted to read that he did it not negligently.

27 ‘ – Kokjo blocked Tarimi for speeding and thought the yellow card was good.

28 ‘ A wrong reading of Godinho’s warning to Namasu. The Porto striker did not foul Otamendi.

29 ‘ Rafa sneaked into a bid that seemed decisive, but it violated the evidence that requires this kind

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Decisions should only happen at the end of the turn.

33 ‘ – Pepe defeated Rafa, and made a remarkable mistake. The offense itself (touch from behind) did not warrant a caution, but the fact that it prevented a promising attack. Before the striker was only Marcano. Well, the referee warned him.

43 ‘ – Bah touched Galleno’s foot and prevented the wing from concentrating in a distinct area. The yellow color looks good.

45 + 1′ – Pepê do what not to do (prevent the opponent from resuming the game). The warning, not necessary, was inevitable.

49 ‘ – The ball that Urence crossed touched Tarimi’s arm (which was behind his back) and then touched Namasu’s chest. Neither of them committed a foul, and some of the Red players also requested a foul.

49 ‘ – João Neves grabbed Grujic, causing unsportsmanlike behaviour. You have been well warned.

50 ‘ – Joao Neves Taremi fell in the middle and in a reckless manner. Eustachio would have gone too far in the protests and received a yellow card.

55 ‘ – Zaido jumped from afar and risky way on Bah, knocking him down. Violation due to negligence shall be punished with a warning.

57 ‘ Antonio Silva hit the ball but it only hit Taremi’s leg. No warning is accepted, though the disciplinary sternness was no match for the earlier moments.

65 ‘ – Neves dropped Zaido. The move was reckless, but the midfielder took a risk due to the fact that he had accumulated some offenses throughout the match.

80 ‘ – Pepe, who was unable to oppose the bid, held Rafa from behind with his right knee on the thigh/buttocks. The show was technically sanctioned, but its neglect warranted a warning. The referee made a mistake by not showing him the second yellow card.

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84 ‘ Cecchinho brought down Romario Baru in an unsportsmanlike manner and was well warned.

90 + 1′ Pepe could have avoided the knee he deliberately landed on Jurasek. The referee didn’t see it, but the VAR was right to suggest that the defender was sent off for violent behaviour.

90 + 3′ – The goal was well disallowed by FC Porto after Gonzalo Borges controlled the ball with his right arm at the start of play. This move was not seen on the field, but again the video referee caught it well.

90 + 8′ – The FC Porto coach chose not to leave the field after being sent off. In these cases, the arbitrator must exhaust all diplomatic avenues at his disposal, which he did very well. The Laws of the Game give you the discretion to end the match and state the facts in the report if a technical member refuses to leave the field of play. Fortunately it wasn’t necessary.