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The Ball - European Cup: Sporting wins and retains chance of reaching the last 16 (Basketball)

The Ball – European Cup: Sporting wins and retains chance of reaching the last 16 (Basketball)

Sporting stays alive in the European Cup! With an exciting fourth period (31-16) in which he completely turned around in a game where he lost control of the score since the second quarter and even had a disadvantage of 14 in the third, Sporting defeated Aegis Cormend with 89-84 (15-17, 21-21, 22 -30, 31-16) in the fifth round of Group G.

To advance in the competition as it happened last season, in the last round, which will take place on November 30 in Pavelhau Joao Rocha, the Lions will have to overcome Finnish Karo Basket, leader of the group with only one setback after being hit. Lost at home to the Polish team Anwil Wolklawiek with a score of 87-93.

A result that further mixed the scores in the group and kept the Alphalad team in third place (2 v 2 d), behind Wolkawijk (3 v 2 d). To rely only on themselves and finish in the group stage first, Sporting will have to beat Karho by more than 19 points, as they were beaten in Kawahajoki in the first round with a score of 104-85.

If they win by less than that, they will have to wait for Aegis Kormend, who has yet to win a match, to get the better of Wloclawek.

DJ Fenner (21 points, 4 Accuracy, 3 Ass) and Marcus Lovett (14 pts, 2 Accuracy, 4 Ass), responsible for 20 of the 31 points of the Lisbon side in the fourth period and above all responsible for taking charge of the moment and finding solutions unless the team could Spotted to beat the Hungarians’ defensive system from a paintball header, it was Sporting’s great figures who regained leadership of the scoreboard in a crushing fraction of 14-3 (79-75).

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From then until the end, the maximum the men, led by Pedro Nuno Montero, allowed was par at 81-81 at 2.30m from the final whistle. Then Fenner converted 6 of the team’s last 7 points (scoring 15 in the fourth) and everything was resolved for the better in a match where the home team was far from the defensive level, either by pressing the ball and passing the line or by a triple. Which is fired, which is usually placed in the field.

In Sporting, the actions of Travant Williams (5 points, but he scored all 12 of his points in the first half) stand out, as well as Antonio Montero (6 points), Ricardo Montero (6) and Joao Fernandez (8 points, 2 minutes) for the role they also played in Bring something different to the team at the right time.

Mike Moore (19 points, 7 marks), Siani Chambers (18 points, 2 marks, 6 ass) and Wendell Mitchell (18 points, 3 marks, 5 ass), were the most productive in the Egis Kormend.