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The Ball – Explanation to Chermiti, praise for Viana and the certainty of not repeating himself Mateus Nunes (Sporting)

The Ball – Explanation to Chermiti, praise for Viana and the certainty of not repeating himself Mateus Nunes (Sporting)

Ruben Amorim explained that Chermiti’s departure was the club’s choice and defended the forward’s move to Everton officially on Friday, emphasizing that it was these deals that would allow Sporting not to lose first-team players, which was not the case with Chermiti.

He is a player we can count on, but like all clubs we have to make choices, there are players that go in and out, money in and out. We made choices. It was Youssef who stretched the most into the match, and Geocres came up with those characteristics. He would have less space and with the chance of going to the Premier League we fit in, it was the club’s choice. We always have to make these sales, so as not to lose our starters and team base. It was the club’s choice to allow Youssef to go to Everton, ”the coach argued, when asked about the possibility of losing a player in the same way that Matheus Nunes lost last season, stressing that there was no chance of that happening and revealing that. Sporting has rejected even the highest bids in this market.

We are not in the same moment, there have already been very high suggestions by other players of yours [jornalistas] I do not know has not been sold. Call me naive, but I think it will be like that,” he said, praising the work of sporting director Hugo Viana, who persuaded Giocres to dethrone from the Premier League for a “fourth-place finish” last season in Portugal.

“Hugo Viana has all the advantages in that, players who had proposals from other clubs wanted to come here, and I think Viana managed to sell our project well. The players are interested, they see the team and despite being fourth and being able to go to the Premier League, they are not. He comes in fourth place… Viana succeeded in changing that and I am grateful for his work », he affirmed, opening the doors to another reinforcement, « midfield player », who will be the Danish Morten Hjolmand.

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