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The Ball – First XI for Sporting and Porto for the Grand Final (League Cup)

Here’s the starting eleven for Sporting and Porto in the League Cup Grand Final, tonight, in Leiria, from 7.45pm.


If the tactical scheme with which the lion approaches the games remains untouchable (3 x 4 x 3), in relation to the players the conversation is different, and for today’s game two doubts arise regarding the eleven that will start the match. On defense, no one would be surprised if St. Line up only on the right side, and Gonzalo Inacio’s pass to the left, which, if confirmed, would force Matheus Reis to start on the bench, where England’s Marcus Edwards should also be, given the return of Trincao, who did not face Aroca due to the flu. Paulinho is fit, Pedro Gonçalves is back on the wing, and Morita will meet Ugarte in midfield.

Eleven possible (3 x 4 x 3): Adán, St. Jost, Coates, Goncalo Inacio, Burro, Ugarte, Morita, Nuno Santos, Trincao, Paulinho and Pedro Gonçalves


Jokingly, Ruben Amorim said he never cared that Pepe, Ottavio and Taremi remained on the bench. However, Conceição will not indulge in it, because by joining this trio to Uribe, FC Porto has in these units the guarantee of keeping its game matrix intact and its identity intact. Pepe left with some complaints in his right thigh in the semi-final, but everything indicated he was fine.

Against Académico, FC Porto played in a 4x3x3, but with the return of Galeno, Taremi and possibly Tony Martinez (Pepê or Namaso also in the race for the spot), the Dragons should regain their usual 4x4x2. In the goal remains Claudio Ramos.

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Eleven possibles (4x4x2): Claudio Ramos, Joao Mario, Pepe, Marcano, Wendell, Ottavio, Uribe, Eustacchio, Galleno, Tony Martinez and Taremi.