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The Ball – «Hull City?  I dream of training in England »(Chavez)

The Ball – «Hull City? I dream of training in England »(Chavez)

Chavez’s coach, Vitor Campillos, considered that there was justice in “nothing” (0-0), which witnessed on Monday night, in Barcelos, the conclusion of the 27th round of the league, in the visit of Transmontanos to Gil Vincent.

′′ It was a fair draw, but there had to be a result with goals. There were two good teams that tried to play for victory. We didn’t make it, but we did it for the sake of it. Gil Vicente has an excellent squad. This proves that in football we have good teams and quality in the league, ”said Vitor Campillos at the end of the match, speaking to Sport TV.

“Since the beginning of the season, we have tried to play good football. Playing well is half the way to victory. And players should feel the joy of a good game. In addition, we have to value our assets, because this is also a goal, ”confirmed the Flavence coach, who underlined the alleged interest and greed in his services by Hull City, one of the Championship clubs (second division in England).

Hull City’s interest? It’s good to see our names spoken for positive reasons. I dream of training in England. I don’t know what will happen. now I am here. tomorrow [terça-feira] There is already training. There are still many matches awaiting us until the end of the league, ”concluded the coach, delighted with the recognition of his cross-border broadcast.

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